Media Training

For Individual Executives, or Groups

State your position, or tell your story with confidence

In most cases, you don’t need to be scared of the media. When the media calls though, many organisations panic. No matter what the situation, dealing with the media allows you to tell your story, or state your position. Cam will give you the confidence and know-how, to work with the media, no matter what the situation.

This training is individually designed and will leave you feeling confident for your next interaction with the media. It will show you how to create a media strategy, build relationships with the media and should the need arise, prepare you for a media crisis.

In developing your module Cam will write and create media scenarios tailored to your business, organisation or situation. He’ll show you how to present well and interview with impact. He’ll provide you with tuition that will show you how to communicate your message while under pressure. 

Dealing with the Media:
When something good happens.

When something good happens, Cam’s media training will show you how to:

  • Present well to camera and be comfortable when doing so
  • Nail the best radio interview you’ve ever done
  • Understand sound bites, B-roll and other content elements that journalists are looking for
  • Become a trusted source of industry knowledge who the media can turn to for expert comment and opinion
  • How to write a media release, supporting digital content and importantly, how to get it all noticed by the media
Media Training Actuality 2.

Dealing with the Media:
When something bad happens.

When something bad happens, Cam’s training will show you how to:

  • Manage the moment a journalist calls and what not to do
  • Navigate a media crisis while managing and maintaining your brand’s reputation
  • Be confident in answering difficult questions
  • Build and deliver a media strategy and media crisis plan
  • State your case under pressure, in line with your strategy

Media Actuality

You’ll work your way through simulated media scenarios, opening statements, television news interviews and radio sound bites.

Other Presenting Techniques

Cam’s media training includes other tools that will give you confidence when dealing with, and presenting to the media including:

  • The science of stage fright and knowing why you are getting nervous before the cameras are recording
  • Managing your nerves and anxiety
  • How to tell your story and make your messages stick
  • The use of analytical reading to bring your words to life
  • How to build relationships with the media